Affordable Dallas Chimney Sweeping service provided by Chimney Professionals, mess-free chimney sweep service with satisfaction guaranteed. Our fully trained cleaners are able to diagnose problems and utilize the latest techniques to repair any damage where needed. Chimney sweeping can be a quick, clean, and fuss-free process with little disruption to you or your home if the correct methods and equipment are used to remove soot and tar safely and effectively. 

Enjoy Your Fireplace Responsibly

Keeping your chimney clean will prevent blockages that reduce the efficiency of your fireplace and, at worst, can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Built-up soot and tar deposits increase the risk of fires and can be very difficult to remove completely during a sweep. Built up residues in a chimney block the flue and prevent proper drafting, and if these flammable deposits are not removed, they can cause a devastating chimney fire.

It does well to remember that a clean chimney is a safe chimney and that is why it is important to schedule regular sweeps to keep your chimney operating at peak condition. All chimneys connected to appliances that burn fuel and are vented outdoors need to be inspected and swept on a regular basis. How often you should have your chimney swept depends on the type of fuel you are using. As a guideline, wood burning fireplaces will need cleaning up to four times per year, Bituminous coal twice a year, and oil, gas, and smokeless coal at least one per year.

Affordable Dallas Chimney Sweeping Process

The first thing our master chimney sweepers will do is assess the extent of the job by checking the Cowl, chimney pot, cement flaunching, and the condition of the stack among other things for safety and security. Once the floors have been covered with clean runners the equipment is brought in to assess the type of soot and tar present before deciding on a suitable method. With the help of a smoke test, we can determine that the smoke is exiting properly.   During the process, the engineer will fully inspect the flue and determine if there are any faults that need attention. You will be given a detailed report on all the findings and the techniques used to resolve any problems.

How to Prepare for a Chimney Sweep

Prior to a visit from Affordable Dallas Chimney Sweeping, you should ensure that:

– The flue has not been lit for at least 24 hours.
– There is adequate parking space available outside your home for the service vehicle.
– There is a clear path from the entrance of the home to the fireplace and that all access points are clear.
– There is enough clear space in front of the fireplace or stove for the workmen to carry out their tasks.
– There is adequate access to the flue from the opening of the fireplace or stove. 
– All items such as coal buckets, log baskets, and any decorative pieces are removed. 
– There is an easily accessible and free power socket available.
– There is enough space around the area of the fireplace or stove to lay out the floor covers and necessary equipment.

If you have birds nesting in the chimney it is important not to use the fireplace or stove until it has been removed and the chimney has been swept. The first signs of nesting are twigs falling down the chimney into the hearth. You will also notice the comings and goings of Magpies or Crows on the roof carrying twigs. Soon the twigs will block the chimney with a serious risk of fire or a threat of carbon monoxide entering your home. Using the fireplace or stove before the problem has been solved can have tragic consequences. Once the nest has been removed it is recommended that a bird guard be fitted to prevent a reoccurrence.

Chimney Stack Maintenance

Chimneys on old buildings will need more frequent maintenance than modern units that are less exposed to weather conditions. Erosion of materials such as stones and bricks can lead to damp, smokiness, instability, and an increased risk of fire. Perished mortar joints with weed growth evident on the top of the stack will need re-bedding and any defective areas of protective render should be repaired. Redundant fixings and television areas should be removed as they can cause corrosion damage to the masonry. Damp can be prevented by waterproofing the chimney stack with “Chimney Saver Water Repellant” products.

Once the chimney has been swept and all problems have been taken care of,  Affordable Dallas Chimney Sweep will clean the soot or smoke stains from the hearth with special fireplace cleaning products to restore the appearance of your fireplace.

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