Dark spots on your chimney can be a concern, especially if you cannot clean them. It means the grime and dust are too stubborn to go away, and you need professional chimney cleaners to take over. At Chimney Professionals, we assure you that once our cleaners finish, your chimney will be shining all over again. Chimney maintenance is essential if you use it frequently. But if you don’t have time to clean it, we will be happy to do it for you. 

Comprehensive chimney cleaning in Dallas

There is nothing comfortable than sitting in front of your fireplace on a cold evening and sipping a cup of coffee. But do you know how much smoke goes through that chimney and makes it pitch black? Slowly, the ash and burnt wood particles accumulate on the interior of the chimney blocking the smooth flow of the smoke. If you notice that the fireplace is emitting a lot of smoke inside the room, it is an indication that the smoke is not passing through the chimney. Call for professional Dallas chimney cleaning and we will reach your house quickly. 

Chimneys often have debris and creosote deposits that lead to fuel blockages and chimney fires. Chimney Professionals will ensure that not a single dust particle will remain after we finish cleaning. We always advise everyone to keep the chimney clean because if there is a chimney fire, it will not only destroy the chimney but also set the house on fire. Moreover, if the chimney is blocked due to creosote or debris, the fuel fumes will come back into your home.

It is essential to keep the chimney clean if you want to protect the health of your family. Our cleaners will inspect the chimney thoroughly and clean it part by part so that it does not block the passing fumes. 

Chimney repair services

In addition to professional Dallas chimney cleaning we also offer chimney repair services to our customers. Chimneys that have run their course of time are often a threat to the house as the chimney gets hotter than usual every time you use the fireplace. Homeowners often neglect chimneys that need repair as they seem to work fine while they are cooking. However, you should not leave damaged chimneys unattended. They cause more health hazards than the polluted air outside.

Chimney Professionals have experienced cleaners at your service who will look into the problem of your chimney and try to fix it soon. Any cracked or dented chimney should be repaired immediately to prevent an accident. Repairing the chimney is another way of maintaining and chimney to make sure it lasts for a long time. 

Our cleaners will first inspect the firebox for cracks or loose mortar joints. Although these are small fixes, you will need a professional Dallas chimney cleaning and repair professional to do the job. We often use refractory cement to seal the crack. Sometimes, it is the chimney damper that doesn’t open or close easily. It happens because of the excessive dust or a crack in the damper. If you don’t understand the reason why the damper is not working correctly, don’t hesitate to call us. It means the damper seal is damaged. We will send our technicians with the required tools to fix the seal.

Many homeowners are scared to climb to the top of the roof to inspect the chimney. We understand you want to clean the chimney, but not at your own risk. When we are here to help, you shouldn’t try to climb the roof alone. Sometimes the mortar joints deteriorate because of regular use. It will be tough for you to locate the faulty area. But the technicians at Chimney Professionals have safety ladders to climb to the roof on your behalf, find the fault, and fix it.

We are a passionate group of people who want nothing but a safe chimney in your house. Whether it is a new chimney installation or cleaning the chimney or repairing it, our love and dedication, and customer satisfaction keep us going. So, if you are in Dallas and want a professional team to check the chimney in your house, we will be glad to come to your service.

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